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The internet continues to amaze me.

Tonight I decided to search Technorati, to see if anyone’s talking about my family. I was surprised to see someone in the UK (Jasmine) mention my brother Grant — and it appears Jasmine is a bit of a celebrity there, doing TV and magazine interviews. But this isn’t the first time Grant has been mentioned on far-flung web sites. If you search Google for his name (quoted to further refine the results), you’ll find about 50 sites, from countries around the world, all related to his cubing achievements.

He took an interest in Rubik’s cube and has become quite good at it. I don’t think he’s won any tournaments with the original 3×3 cube, but he had the best times for the 4×4 and 5×5 at a tournament in January, and he set a world record for the Megaminx in 2003 that wasn’t broken until this year. He still holds the American record for that puzzle.

Simply amazing — that a puzzle invented over 20 years ago and relegated to the history books by much of the world still has such an active following, and can get a last name as uncommon as ours published around the world.

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