Will the real datguy please stand up?

I was curious where I stood on Google, so I did a search for datguy. I was disappointed to find that I didn’t even make the first page (unlike rhondave, where our sites dominate the first page). I decided to look at some of the others using the name…

On datguy.com, datguy is not one person, but two. They’re involved in the music industry and they’ve got a clever logo, so I guess they deserve several of the top spots.

Some guy on Epinions that wrote one review in 2002 hangs on to another top listing, and there’s a user on the Easy Worship forums.

My first listing in the results is for datguy.net, in the middle of the second page. Google’s copy is even up to date — I updated it recently with links to most of my sites (including this one).

There’s a “bluntsmoka” in Michigan, a Disc Sportster in Manitoba, and an artist in Singapore.

The DarkGalaxy profile is mine, but the DatGuy in the VW Club of South Africa is not me.

I think the one on Experts Exchange is me, but I haven’t been on there in at least a year.

Then there are a Chinese student in Ontario, a dominant male in Texas (I’ll skip the link on this one), a single Irishman, and a “Clan Member” in New Zealand.

It goes on, but I won’t.


  1. datguy

    Quck update…

    As of September first, I’ve moved a lot close to the top of the heap. Datguy.com still has the top listing, but this site it #2. My del.icio.us bookmarks even made it to the first page.

  2. DAT

    I can’t believe it’s been over nine years since I posted this. I’m even more surprised at how the Google search results have changed. Datguy.com is dead, currently parked at GoDaddy. The first page of results is dominated by mentions of Danny Wellbeck.

    I had to go all the way to page 9 to find the first link to one of my pages, which was my Stack Overflow profile. Page 10 revealed my github account. I stopped after 20 pages, even though I didn’t see datguy.net or my twitter account, which has probably been my most active datguy over the years.

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