Macromedia Flex

Macromedia has a Flash tool designed to work with web services and other Java technologies, called Flex. As it turns out, it’s been out a while, but I just became aware of it with the public alpha of Flex 2. Here are a few (probably old) reviews:

  • Infoworld
  • Java Boutique
  • The Open Sourcery
  • And if I’m reading the FAQ correctly, they have a non-commercial license with a free copy of the IDE. This warrants further investigation…

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      […] One thing I love about blogs are sites like Technorati that make it easy for others to find blog entries. For example, John Dowdell found my post on Flex. He found my post using Technorati, and I found his the same way. I’m betting we used different search terms to find them, but the fact that one service connected us is pretty cool. […]

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