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Writely test

This was entered as a Writely document (now part of Google Docs), to test Writely’s ability to post to my blog.

It can! However, the following features don’t work right:

  • it can’t unpublish the entry
  • posting updates adds an entry instead of updating the original one
  • when I finish editing this document, then edit again, it doesn’t seem to know that it’s been posted to the blog. It would be nice if it kept that history (which would probably require fixing the previous two problems).

The entries themselves have some problems:

  • no title
  • they are not tagged (they default to the General tag, instead of picking up the tag I assigned on Writely)
  • the “comment” link (under the entry) and the “view” link (on the admin pages) don’t work. The relative url of the entry was /2006/08/30//. There should be an entry name between the last two slashes…

In summary, Writely might be a nice editor to use in place of the built-in blog editor, if these problems are fixed…

Virtual windows, but no Xen

I couldn’t get Xen to work on Fedora. I was following a quick start guide, but the computer failed to start with the Xen kernel.

I downloaded VMWare server and registered for a free license. During installation, it needed to compile a module; I didn’t have the compiler or kernel headers installed, so I had to dig around for the right packages to install. But once it was compiled and running, I installed Windows XP in a virtual machine on top of Linux.

I confirmed basic functionality (opened Internet Explorer and browsed to an external site), but the next step is to apply the all of the patches (including XP SP2). Then I’d like to clone the image and set up one for general use (Quicken, etc) and another for programming (compiler, debugger).

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