It’s alive!

I recently brought my wiki back to life at, consolidating my old wikis onto a newly upgraded MediaWiki installation.  After I went through and removed a lot of dead links, I decided it was time to work on the configuration.  The first thing that had to go was the default URL structure (i.e.  I was hoping to simplify it to

I found a page at describing how to shorten the URL, but it recommended against page names in the root directory, with a link to a warning page.  As much as I want to have pages directly in the root, I didn’t want to deal with the complications yet – so I picked a random letter to use as a virtual directory, resulting in


That extra virtual directory kept bugging me, so I moved the MediaWiki installation out of into a directory underneath, where I could use the /wiki path.  I changed the old domain to redirect to the new location — redirects to  However, the wiki subdomain still has the problem that they recommend against — is redirected as if it is a regular page, and displays an error when is not found.

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