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I remember the days when everything seemed to have a three letter acronym. In fact, someone came up with an acronym to describe them: TLA. Well, I thought of a new acronym to characterize the increasing number of excessively long, contrived acronyms that I’ve seen lately.




Sleuth Kit & Autopsy

I discovered Sleuth Kit when I was installing packages on my home Debian system last night. I need to find out if this will help me recover data from the hard drive that died this summer.

datguy.net changes

Well, I decided to make this the default page for datguy.net. All of the links from the old index page should be listed here, but let me know if something is missing.

I’m curious how this will impact my listing on Google. I also submitted my site feed to Google¬†yesterday, and noticed that Technorati learned about this site within the past hour from the link on RhonDave news. I’ll have to check again, but as of this posting, my datguy.net listing was pushed down to the 11th page of results on Google!


Holy Grill

I heard a comment earlier that made me wonder — has anyone ever named a restaurant “The Holy Grill”? I searched and was surprised to find a couple books that used the name, but didn’t see any restaurants. I even found a site with an unpublished comic strip named Marty Python and the Holy Grill

WordPress Gallery

I found a gallery plugin I’d like to try. There’s discussion about it on the WordPress site. Another variation is here.

Frustration Animation

Someone sent me a hilarious disturbing animated GIF, posted here for you to see (click on the picture to see the animation in a new window):
Keyboard Frustration

Site restructuring

I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, and in the process I decided to refocus this site. I’ve got a new site set up for family news, but I’d like a separate place for topics that don’t really belong there. Stay tuned for more…

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