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WordPress Gallery

I found a gallery plugin I’d like to try. There’s discussion about it on the WordPress site. Another variation is here.

Password generator bookmarklet

I read about Nic Wolff’s Password generator bookmarklet before, and I meant to check it out, but kept putting it off. Well, I just tracked down the link so I can start using it, and discovered a link to an improved version. The only thing these don’t accomodate are multiple id’s for the same site. I think this is only a problem on my own sites, where I have one id I use most of the time and another for administration. I either need to use the same password for all id’s on a site, or modify the script to allow the use of an id in the password generation process. I prefer the latter, but that could make things a little ugly (prompt for id, then prompt for master password). Also, it will require that I keep track of the id’s somewhere.

Frustration Animation

Someone sent me a hilarious disturbing animated GIF, posted here for you to see (click on the picture to see the animation in a new window):
Keyboard Frustration

Site restructuring

I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, and in the process I decided to refocus this site. I’ve got a new site set up for family news, but I’d like a separate place for topics that don’t really belong there. Stay tuned for more…

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