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I wonder… now that Microsoft is taking on the big search engines, are Yahoo and Google going to be forced to merge? Might they call the combined company Yahoogle?

Holy Grill

I heard a comment earlier that made me wonder — has anyone ever named a restaurant “The Holy Grill”? I searched and was surprised to find a couple books that used the name, but didn’t see any restaurants. I even found a site with an unpublished comic strip named Marty Python and the Holy Grill

Whey May Curb Effect of Carbs on Blood Sugar

Someone at work mentioned this news recently, but I just remembered it and found this WebMD Article.

In a recent study, drinking a whey supplement mixed with water along with a “high glycemic index” meal prevented the blood sugar spike that normally occurs in people with type 2 diabetes. The research suggests that whey stimulates insulin production.

At first I didn’t make the connection, but as I started typing this I realized that I drank a lot of whey during the first year after I found out I had diabetes. I bought two of the big 5+ pound bottles of protein powder and drank quite a bit of it, but it didn’t taste great so I eventually got tired of it. However, now that I’m not as strict with my diet maybe I’ll check it out again…

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